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During his last visit to Japan the DA Hebeisen introduced the DAH Peter Schulte from Australia as his successor and next District Apostle. “It was in November 1976 I arrived in Japan for the first time and much has happened in these almost 42 years. One thing is for sure: ‘God always was with us” The DA elaborated in his last Divine Service in Japan.

DAH Schulte was warmly welcomed. In Matsuyama and also Tama congregation. The members prepared introductions to Japanese culture. Tea ceremony, Origami as well taught him how to write his name in Japanes Characters, besides making him and his wife aware of the good taste of japanese cuisines.

The divine service was based on Mark 9:2+7.

God wants to comfort us by showing and revealing His glory and almighty power. Let us not overshadow our own transfiguration on the Lord’s return by our own tribulation, but show the changes the Holy Spirit going about in us. Jesus was true man and true God. We are human beings but also Children of God.

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