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In a festive divine service on 30th July, Sh Wolfgang Ade retired from his active duty in the ministerial service. Born 1947 in Germany the medical doctor by profession, was ordained Subdeacon in 1969. This is 48 years ago. Following year he made a commitment to the Deacon Ministry. He moved to Japan in 1981 and got married. Ap. Erwin Wagner from Canada entrusted him the Priest’s ministry in 1983 and ever since 2008 he serves as Shepherd and National Rector and thus representative of the New Apostolic Church in Japan. Almost half a century in the Lord’s service.

If faithfulness ever would need to be given a name, it would be Ade-san” the District Apostle said in his address. A unique man of faith indeed considering his untiring efforts for the Church in Japan, where members are few but scattered over long distances from North to South. His retirement is well deserved and we know he will continue to support our missions in Japan.

As successor was appointed Pr. Akihiro Kadohira. “Nationalities are not of importance in spiritual leadership, but it is most welcome if the the National-Rector is now of Japanese identity” the District Apostle commented and entrusted him the responsibility for the NAC in Japan. He is 54 years old, a construction manager and married to Machiko, the daughter of the well known District Evangelist in retirement Yoshiharu Yahata, from Matsuyama.

The sermon was based on Psalm 118:19

Open to me the gates of righteousness; I will go through them and I will praise the Lord

Indeed the gates of righteousness are open today by believing in Jesus Christ who took the sacrifice on Him. He is our open gate we want to enter. “Knock and you will be opened” The Lord counseled. True faith in Christ produces good work, obedience, humility, trust, patience and thankfulness. Just as He was giving us the example. “Chose the right gate out of many” the Bishop Yang from Korea elaborated in his word-contribution.


The divine service was further highlighted by the sealing of mother and child, the family of Pr Buckley who also serves in the Church of Japan. On the previous day, Saturday, Pr Thomas Bayer married his fiancé Akie.

The church is alive in Japan!

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