3.1 The nature of God

God, in His nature and activity, cannot be grasped by human understanding. Access to God in His omnipotence and greatness is only possible through faith. Jesus Christ revealed God to human beings as a loving, compassionate, and gracious Father, and enabled them to experience Him as such. Further revelations from God are given by the Holy Spirit who leads the faithful into the deep things of God (1 Corinthians 2: 6-16).


Characteristics of God's nature are: He is the One (the Only One), the Holy One, the Almighty, the Eternal, the Loving One, the Gracious One, the Righteous One, the Perfect One. God is neither unknown nor concealed. He inclines Himself to human beings, speaks to them, and allows them to speak to Him.


The description of the divine characteristics is to bring to expression the perfection and absoluteness of God, but all terms taken from the human sphere of experience will fail to do justice to the reality of God.