Forms of taking the name of God in vain

Anyone who speaks the name of God should do so in the awareness that he bears responsibility to God for this.


Blasphemy is a serious abuse of the name of God by way of which God is intentionally vilified, derided, or berated. Anyone who invokes the Almighty while telling a lie is also taking the name of God in vain.


In the course of history, people have frequently taken God's name in vain in order to enrich themselves, wage wars, discriminate against other human beings, or to torture and kill.


Violations of the Second Commandment can also be found in daily life. Any loose talk using the names "God", "Jesus Christ", or "Holy Spirit" is sinful. It is no different for curses in which God or Jesus are mentioned–even if only in altered form–and for jokes which feature God, the Father, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit. Such talk degrades God's majesty and the holiness of His activity. This is to be considered "coarse jesting" as described in Ephesians 5: 4.