3 The triune God

51 Who is the triune God?→ 


52 What characteristics of God do we know? →


53 What does it mean when we say: “God is the One God”? →


54 What does it mean to say: “God is the Holy One”? →


55 What does it mean when we say: “God is the Almighty”? →


56 What does it mean to say: “God is the Eternal”? →


57 What does it mean when we say: “God is the Loving One”? →


58 What does it mean when we say: “God is the Gracious One”? →


59 What does it mean to say that “God is the Righteous One”? →


60 What does it mean to say: “God is the Perfect One”? →


61 What does it mean when we talk about the “triune God”? →


62 Why do Christians believe that God is triune? →


63 What references to the triune God are there in the Old Testament? →


64  What references to the trinity of God are recorded in the New Testament? →


65 When was the doctrine of the trinity of God formulated? →


66 What is the relationship of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit to one another? →


67 What does the term “Father” mean when it is used in relationship to God? →


68 What do we know about God as the Creator? →


69 What does the creation tell us about God? →


70 In what span of time did God create the world? →


71 What does the Bible relate about God’s creation? →


72 Does the creation of God only consist of that which human beings can grasp with their senses? →


73 What belongs to the invisible creation? →


74 Is the Devil part of the invisible creation? →


75 What are angels? →


76 What is the task of the angels? →


77 Should angels be worshipped? →


78 Why should human beings concern themselves with the invisible? →

 79 How should human beings concern themselves with the invisible? →


 80 What is the position of man in the creation? →


 81 What does it mean to be created in the image of God?  →


 82 Are man and woman both created equally in the image of God? →


 83  Does being “in the image of God” mean that God and man have the same nature and the same form?→


 84 What is the relationship between man and His Creator? →


 85 What task does man have in the visible creation? →


 86 How are human beings, as the image of God, to conduct themselves within the creation? →


 87 Were the first human beings allowed to do as they pleased without restriction? →


 88 How did the fall into sin come about? →


 89 What is associated with the fall into sin? →


 90 Do human beings have to remain in spiritual death? →


 91 What does it mean to say that God created human beings as an entity consisting of spirit, soul, and body? →


 92 What happens after a human being’s physical death? →


 93 Who is God, the Son? →


 94 Who is Jesus Christ? →


 95 What references to the birth of Jesus are there in the Old Testament? →


 96 Who prepared the way for Jesus? →


 97 How did John the Baptist describe Jesus Christ? →


 98 What does the term “Lamb of God” mean here? →


 99 What is the significance of Jesus’ sacrificial death for us? →


100 What does it mean when it says that Jesus Christ is God’s “only begotten Son”? →


101 How is it to be understood that the Son of God is described as the “Word” (“logos”)? →


102 What does it mean when John says: “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us...”? →


103 As a Man, was Jesus Christ the same as other human beings? →


104 While on earth was Jesus exclusively a Man? →


105 What passages in Holy Scripture attest that Jesus Christ is also always true God? →


106 Which of His deeds show that Jesus Christ is true God? →

107 What does the name “Jesus” mean? →


108 How can we recognise that Jesus Christ is the Redeemer? →


109 Is redemption only possible through Jesus Christ? →


110 What is meant by the term “majestic titles” of Jesus? →


111 What is meant by the majestic title of “Christ”? →


112 What does the majestic title “Messiah” mean? →


113 What does the majestic title “Lord” signify? →


114 What does the majestic title “Son of Man” mean? →


115 Are there any other majestic titles of Jesus? →


116 In what way did Jesus Christ fulfil His divine commission? →


117 What does it mean when we refer to “Jesus Christ—the King”? →


118 What does it mean when we refer to “Jesus Christ—the Priest”? →


119 What does it mean when we refer to “Jesus Christ—the Prophet”? →


120 Where do we read of the person and activity of Jesus Christ? →


121 How did the Son of God enter into His human existence? →


122 What events preceded the birth of Jesus? →


123 Who were Jesus’ parents? →


124 What do we know about the birth of Jesus? →


125 What occurred at the same time as the birth of Jesus? →


126 What occurred after the birth of Jesus? →


127 How did God protect the Child Jesus? →


128 What is known about Jesus’ childhood? →


129 What preceded Jesus’ teaching activity? →


130 Why did Jesus allow Himself to be baptised by John? →


131 What transpired after the baptism of Jesus? →


132 What is the significance of Jesus’ temptations? →


133 At what age did Jesus begin to teach? →

134 What was the focus of Jesus’ teaching? →


135 What is meant by the “kingdom of God”? →


136 What does it mean to “repent”? →


137 What does the term “gospel” mean? →


138 What is Jesus’ position on the Law of Moses? →


139 What was one of the first things Jesus did at the beginning of His teaching activity? →


140 What miracles did Jesus perform? →


141 Why did Jesus perform miracles? →


142 What healings of the sick do the gospels relate? →


143 What is related about Jesus casting out evil spirits? →


144 Of what miracles of raising the dead do the gospels relate? →


145 Of what miracles of nature do the gospels relate? →


146 Of which miracles of feeding do the gospels relate? →


147  Of what gift miracles do the gospels relate?→


148 How did Jesus teach the people His doctrine? →


149 What is meant by the “beatitudes” of Jesus? →


150 How did Jesus make the gospel understandable? →


151 What major statements of the gospel are illustrated in parables? →


152 How did Jesus explain the beginning and the growth of the kingdom of God? →


153 How did Jesus explain that something extremely valuable is offered in the kingdom of God? →


154 How did Jesus explain the love that prevails in the kingdom of God? →


155 Which parable calls for us to love our neighbour? →


156 What are the parables that relate to the attitude of man’s heart? →


157 What did Jesus reveal in the parables of the coming of the Son of Man? →


158 What images did Jesus use to describe Himself, and what do they mean? →


159 Which of the disciples were especially close to Jesus? →


160 What marked the start of the sufferings of Jesus Christ? →

161 What events followed Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem? →


162 Who betrayed Jesus Christ? →


163 How did Jesus institute Holy Communion? →


164 What happened in the Garden of Gethsemane? →


165 How did the arrest of Jesus occur? →


166 How did the Apostles behave? →


167 Did Jesus later reproach the Apostles for their behaviour? →


168 What happened after Jesus’ arrest? →


169 What did Judas Iscariot do after Jesus’ sentencing? →


170 How did Jesus fare before Pilate and Herod? →


171 How did Jesus conduct Himself in His sufferings? →


172 Where did Jesus’ suffering end? →


173 Who is to blame for the death of Jesus? →


174 What were the last words of Jesus on the cross? →


175 What events accompanied the crucifixion of the Lord? →


176 What happened to the body of Jesus? →


177 To what purpose did Jesus have to suffer and die? →


178 What significance does the suffering and death of Jesus thus hold for mankind? →


179 Does the Old Testament make reference to the suffering and death of Jesus Christ? →


180 Did Jesus Himself give make any reference to His suffering and death? →


181 What do the letters of the Apostles have to say about the sacrificial death of Jesus? →


182 What does the cross signify? →


183 What happened after Jesus died? →


184 By what power did Jesus Christ resurrect? →


185 Are there any witnesses to the resurrection of Christ? →


186 What significance does the resurrection of Christ hold for mankind? →


187 What appearances of the Risen One are attested in the New Testament? →

188 How did the chief priests behave after the resurrection of Jesus? →


189 What is the resurrection body of Christ? →


190 What happened at the ascension of Jesus Christ? →


191 Where did Jesus Christ go when He ascended into heaven? →


192 What does it mean to say that “Jesus Christ is seated at the right hand of God?” →


193 Is Jesus Christ also present on the earth now that He has ascended? →


194 What did Jesus mean when He said: “I will come again”? →


195 How else is the return of Jesus Christ described? →


196 What references to the return of Christ do we find in the New Testament? →


197 Who is the Holy Spirit? →


198 How does the Holy Spirit show Himself as a divine person? →


199 By what other names is the Holy Spirit also known? →


200 What does it mean to say that “the Holy Spirit is a Comforter and Helper”? →


201 What does it mean to say that “the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth”? →


202 What does it mean to say that “the Holy Spirit is the power from on high”? →


203 How can we recognise the activity of the Holy Spirit? →


204 What is the gift of the Holy Spirit? →


205 How does one receive the gift of the Holy Spirit? →


206 Is the Holy Spirit mentioned in the Old Testament? →


207 Was the Holy Spirit also active in the time of the Old Testament? →


208 Was the Holy Spirit also given as a gift in the time of the Old Testament? →


209 When were the promises concerning the outpouring of the Holy Spirit fulfilled? →


210 How did the outpouring of the Holy Spirit occur? →


211 Was the Holy Spirit still active after the time of the early Apostles? →


212 Where is the Holy Spirit active today? →


213 Is the Holy Spirit active in the sacraments? →


214 What is the connection between the activity of the Holy Spirit and the Apostle ministry? →