10 The doctrine of future things

549 How do we know about the events of the future? →


550 What future event is the goal of faith of New Apostolic Christians?  →


551 Who promised the return of Jesus Christ? →


552 Who knows the exact point in time when Christ will return? →


553 What follows from the fact that no man knows the moment in time of Christ’s return? →


554 How did the early Apostles treat the promise of Christ’s return? →


555 What does the promise of Christ’s return mean for us? →


556 Why do we believe that the promise of Christ’s return is near? →


557 How do we prepare for the return of Christ? →


558 How is the return of Christ described in the letters of Apostle Paul? →


559 What will happen at the return of Christ? →


560 What is the basis of the believers’ hope that they will not need to suffer physical death? →


561 Who will be caught up at the return of Christ? →


562 Who is included in the “bridal congregation”? →


563 Are there any characteristics for those who will belong to the bridal congregation? →


564 Does the Bible relate any other characteristics of the bridal congregation? →


565 What is the significance of the images in Revelation 14: 1-5? →


566 When will the “marriage of the Lamb” take place? →


567 What will transpire at the “marriage of the Lamb”? →


568 What happens on earth after the return of Christ? →


569 Will there be any protection in the time of the “great tribulation”? →


570 What happens to the martyrs from the time of the “great tribulation”? →


571 What occurs after the “marriage of the Lamb” and the “great tribulation”? →


572 What will happen to Satan after the time of the “great tribulation”? →


573 What happens when Satan is bound and relieved of his power? →


574 What events comprise the first resurrection? →


575 What follows the conclusion of the first resurrection? →


576 Will human beings still sin during this time? →


577 What transpires during the period of the kingdom of peace on earth? →


578 What happens at the end of the kingdom of peace? →


579 What will happen once evil has been deprived of its power forever? →


580 What happens to those who find grace in the Last Judgement? →


581 What does the Bible have to say about God’s new creation? →