Personal use of the Holy Scriptures

It is recommendable for every believer to read regularly from Holy Scripture, as it comforts and edifies, provides orientation and admonition, and serves to promote knowledge. The important thing in this process is the attitude of heart with which the reader studies the Bible. The striving for the fear of God and sanctification, together with sincere prayer for correct understanding, are contributing factors for profitable reading of the Bible. Reading the Bible intensively leads to a better understanding of the gospel. This in turn promotes knowledge and reinforces certainty of faith.


Holy Scripture is the basis for the doctrine of the New Apostolic Church. (1.2.5 →)


The proper understanding of Holy Scripture can only be opened up in all its depth through the activity of the Holy Spirit. The Apostles of Jesus also have the commission to interpret Holy Scripture. They are only able to do this through the Holy Spirit. ( →)


Jesus Christ is the centre of Scripture. Thus even the significance of the Old Testament writings is determined by their agreement with the teachings of the gospel. ( →)


Reading Holy Scripture offers believers comfort, edification, orientation, admonition, and advancement in knowledge. ( →)