1.4.1 Belief in God, the Father

Holy Scripture testifies that God has revealed Himself in all time periods and in a variety of ways (see 1.1→).


Among the revelations that allow mankind to recognise God are the works of creation (Romans 1: 18-20). For example, believers praise these works in the Psalms.


Furthermore, God reveals Himself to human beings through His word and intervenes powerfully in their lives. For example, God called Abraham to leave his native country. Abraham obeyed God, following the path God showed him with unreserved trust (Genesis 12: 1-4). In doing so, he demonstrated that he believed God.


Whenever God reveals Himself, He calls upon human beings to believe: the only appropriate response man can give to God's call is to believe, in other words, to be open to this revelation and to accept it. Moreover, believers will voluntarily and unconditionally bind themselves to God, and endeavour to structure their lives in obedience to Him.


The old covenant centred on faith in God, the Creator, Preserver, and Liberator, who had also already revealed Himself as Father. Thus we read as follows in Isaiah: "Look down from heaven, and see from Your habitation, holy and glorious ... Doubtless You are our Father ..." (Isaiah 63: 15-16; cf. Deuteronomy 32: 6).