The invisible creation

Holy Scripture provides multiple references to a purely invisible world, that is to say realms, occurrences, conditions, and beings outside the material world. It was created by God and is called the "invisible creation". Sometimes the term "beyond" is also used to emphasise that the invisible creation is beyond human perception. Like God Himself, its mysteries elude human investigation. Nevertheless it is possible, through divine revelation, for human beings to gain insights into the invisible creation.


The invisible world cannot actually be described in human terms, since these are based on the human sphere of experience (that which is visible). Nevertheless, Holy Scripture uses such terms in order to make statements on the invisible world in figurative language.


From the biblical account we can conclude that the invisible creation incorporates the realm where God rules on His throne (Revelation 4 and 5), the angels (see→), the immortal soul of man (see 3.3.4→), as well as the realm of the dead (see 9→). The Devil, the adversary of God and the enemy of mankind, as well as his followers also belong to the invisible world, although they were not created as evil (see 4.1→ and 4.1.2→).