The visible creation

Holy Scripture attests that God created the visible world in six "days of creation". These are not to be understood as specific measures of time. The Bible relates how all that which is perceptible to human beings was called into existence: God is the Creator of all discernable reality. It was at His word that heaven and earth, light, the shape of the earth, the sun, the moon, the stars, the plants and animals, and even human beings came into being–and it was all "very good" (Genesis 1: 31).


Although the creation also came under the consequences of the fall into sin, it retains its generally positive assessment from God. Among other things, this is demonstrated by the fact that He watches over the order which He has laid into the creation (Genesis 8: 22). Thus the visible creation–even in its fallen state–provides an eloquent testimony of God, the Creator (Romans 1: 20). God also entered into the material world through His incarnation.


God has assigned human beings their living environment and issued them the mandate to have dominion over the earth and to protect it (Genesis 1: 26-30; Psalm 8: 6). Human beings are thus accountable to God, the Creator, for their actions with regard to the creation. They have been instructed to treat all life and their habitat with esteem.