11.3.2 The calling of additional Apostles

Apostle Thomas Carlyle, supported by one other Apostle, proposed the convening of an Apostle meeting In 1851. In this meeting, he did not garner the necessary support from among all the other Apostles for his motion that the two Apostles Duncan Mackenzie and Henry Dalton–who were no longer exercising their ministries–be replaced by others.


In the year 1855, three Apostles died, among them Apostle Carlyle. Successors in the Apostle ministry were called by Edward Oliver Taplin (1800-1862), the "Pillar of the Prophets", and the prophet Heinrich Geyer (1818-1896). The calling of these men was not recognised by the other Apostles, however.


Yet the longing for the preparation of the bride of Christ by the Apostles, and the expectation of their sending in the full power of their ministry, remained alive among many of the ministers once ordained and instructed in northern Germany by Apostle Carlyle. Here, the congregations of Berlin and Hamburg played a major role.