12.1.11 Acts of blessing in the sequence of the divine service

As a rule, the acts of blessing–with the exception of the prenatal blessing–take place within the divine service. Confirmation is directly linked to the sacraments of Holy Baptism with water and Holy Sealing. It is performed directly before the celebration of Holy Communion. All other acts of blessing take place after the celebration of Holy Communion.


The act of adopting guests–who have received a properly administered baptism with water in another church–into the congregation is to be understood as an act of blessing. In it, the individuals being adopted profess the New Apostolic faith, and they are granted admittance to regular participation in Holy Communion. The adoption is performed prior to the celebration of Holy Communion and in the name of the triune God.


In a broader sense, the dedication of a church building or other meeting place for the congregation is also to be counted as an act of blessing. It takes place before the actual sermon portion of the first divine service.