12.1.12 Ordinations, appointments, reinstatements, retirements

Ordination is the investiture of a spiritual ministry. It is, without exception, performed by an Apostle.


In terms of liturgy, an ordination follows the dispensation of the sacraments and takes place after the celebration of Holy Communion. After an address from the Apostle, those to be ordained are asked whether they accept the ministry and are prepared to exercise it in loyalty to God and the doctrine of Jesus, and in accordance with the New Apostolic Creed, in love for the believers, and in obedience to the Apostles of Jesus. They vow this before God, who calls them into His service, and before the congregation, with a "yes". Kneeling, they then receive the ministry through the laying on of hands and prayer of the Apostle.


The appointment to rectorship over a congregation or district–which is, as a rule, also performed by an Apostle–likewise occurs under the assurance of divine blessing. It is not to be equated with an ordination.


If a minister moves outside of the working area to which his ministerial commission applies, a reinstatement is needed in order for him to continue exercising his ministry in the new area. This reinstatement can be issued by the Apostle or by a minister commissioned by him.


As a rule, the active exercise of a ministry ends at retirement. This is generally performed by an Apostle in the divine service. The Apostle thanks the minister for all that has been accomplished in the spirit of the love of Christ, and relieves him of his active ministerial exercise.


The sacraments of Holy Baptism with water and Holy Communion are dispensed by Apostles or priestly ministers in the commission of the Apostles. Holy Sealing is dispensed exclusively by Apostles. All three sacraments are also accessible to children. (12.1.9→)


Holy Communion is generally celebrated in every divine service. On certain occasions (such as funerals) divine services are also conducted without the celebration of Holy Communion. (12.1.9→)


At the end of the divine service, the blessing of the triune God is dispensed upon all present with the words taken from 2 Corinthians 13: 13. (12.1.10→)

Ordinations, appointments, and retirements in the divine service occur following the dispensation of the sacraments. (12.1.12→)