Divine service is inseparably associated with prayer. Already before the divine service, the faithful seek the nearness of God through personal prayer. During the prayers in the divine service, the congregation unites in prayer with the words spoken by the officiant. These express adoration, thanksgiving, intercessions, and pleas. Special significance is attached to the Lord's Prayer, which the congregation prays together. It is prayed in accordance with the wording recorded in Matthew 6: 9-13, and precedes the celebration of Holy Communion. After the believers have partaken of the body and blood of Jesus, they thank Christ in a silent prayer for His sacrifice and the grace they have received. At the end of the divine service, the officiant speaks a prayer.


With Jesus Christ a new dimension of divine ministration upon mankind began to emerge. The defining elements of Christian divine service–namely word and sacrament–have their source in Jesus' word and deed. (12.1.3→)


Four fundamental elements of divine service are attested in the New Testament: the Apostle's doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer. (12.1.3→)


The Christian divine service was celebrated in various forms over the course of the centuries. The current sequence of the New Apostolic divine service stands in the tradition of reformed divine services. (12.1.4→)


The Trinitarian opening formula is an invocation of God and an assurance of His presence. Every encounter with the triune God in divine service is introduced in this manner and concluded with the Trinitarian benediction. (12.1.5→)


The divine service is intended to strengthen the hope in the imminent return of Christ and prepare the believers for the appearing of the Lord. (12.1.5→)


The Apostles are called to proclaim the gospel. The ministers active in their commission do the same. (→)


In the celebration of Holy Communion the congregation experiences the central event in the divine service. (→)


Divine service is fellowship with Jesus Christ in word and sacrament. Divine service is also the fellowship of the believers who gather in worship and praise of God. (→)


Divine service is inseparably associated with prayer. Adoration, thanks, intercession and pleas are brought to expression here. (→)