“Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”

God is omnipotent. His will stands above everything. In heaven, the domain where God rules, His will reigns supreme.


God wishes to deliver fallen mankind from the consequences of sin and grant them salvation (1 Timothy 2: 4). To make this possible, He sent His Son. Jesus Christ came and sacrificed Himself, wherein the will of the Father was revealed (Hebrews 10: 9-10).


The wish that God may also govern everything on earth in accordance with His will comes to expression in the plea: "Your will be done." Due to their sinfulness and the power of Satan–which, although broken, is still active–human beings cannot live up to this standard. However, this plea of the believers also implies the desire that, already today in their earthly lives, they may succeed in acting in accordance with God's will.


This plea of the Lord's Prayer furthermore brings to expression that God may soon complete His work of redemption.