12.2.1 Prenatal blessing

Pregnancy and the birth of a child are experienced as a special phase of life by the parents. During this period of time they receive appropriate pastoral care.

Together the parents are responsible for this new life right from the start.


The prenatal blessing is dispensed as the first visible act of God upon a human being. The act of blessing is performed upon the mother at her request. Thereby God strengthens the mother in promoting and cultivating the prenatal development of her child in terms of its faith. The blessing also benefits the unborn soul and thereby imparts to the mother the certainty that both she and her child are secure in the hand of God.


For as long as the child develops within the body of the mother, it is connected to her in all things. It not only absorbs that which the mother supplies to her body, but the soul of the child is also influenced by that which the mother feels and experiences. Thus the mother can do a great deal to contribute to the beneficial prenatal development of her child by consciously involving the growing child in her life of faith.


The prenatal blessing is not associated with the promise of a problem-free pregnancy or the birth of a healthy child.