Confirmation vow and confirmation blessing

Confirmation is celebrated in the context of a divine service. First, the confirmands answer the question as to whether they intend to remain faithful to God with their "yes". Afterward they recite their confirmation vow together. This vow dates back to the text of an old baptismal liturgy from the third century. It is given before God and the congregation, and states the following:

"I renounce Satan and all his work and ways, and surrender myself to You, O triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in belief, obedience, and the earnest resolution to remain faithful to You until my end. Amen."


This brings to expression the principle that the confirmands will endeavour to avoid all evil and ungodly things, and diligently follow the path of the gospel. They profess belief in the triune God and announce their intention to conduct their lives in faith and obedience toward God.


After the prayer of the officiant, the young Christians receive the confirmation blessing, which is dispensed upon them through laying on of hands. This blessing strengthens the confirmands in their endeavour to keep their vow to profess Jesus Christ in word and deed.