Sunday School

Children attend Sunday School when they begin school or reach school age. This class is also conducted either before, during, or after the Sunday divine service.


The objectives of Sunday School are:

  • to awaken and strengthen joy in fellowship with God's children and in the divine service,
  • to impart understanding of God's activities through Bible stories,
  • to reinforce belief in divine promises,
  • to explain to the children the sequence of the divine service, the meaning of the sacraments and acts of blessing, and the significance of Christian holy days.


The teachers help the children to link the knowledge they acquire with their own experiences: that which the children can comprehend in the context of their own experiences can become a guide for their path of life. However, this result can only be achieved if the parents fulfil their responsibility for the religious upbringing of their children.


Thus both parents and teachers work together in acquainting the children with God and His works.


The children partake of Holy Communion in the congregation on a regular basis. From time to time, however, a priestly minister will celebrate Holy Communion in the circle of the children.