12.4.1 Instruction of children

Children are a gift from the Lord (Psalm 127: 3) and should be brought up and cared for by the parents to the best of their ability. Parents give all their love to the child.


Already in the Old Testament, the Lord commands parents to instruct their children about His deeds and ordinances. This is part of a conscientious upbringing: "For He established a testimony in Jacob, and appointed a law in Israel, which He commanded our fathers, that they should make them known to their children; that the generation to come might know them, the children who would be born, that they may arise and declare them to their children, that they may set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep His commandments ..." (Psalm 78: 5-7; cf. Deuteronomy 6: 6-7; 11: 18-19).


This directive concerning the religious upbringing of children, established by God, is still an obligation today. In awareness of the responsibilities resulting from this, parents are charged with the task of guiding their children in self-responsible conduct in accordance with the basic values of the gospel. This includes instructing them to love God and their neighbour. They are also required to be examples to them in prayer life and in faithful offering.


It is an important task of the ministers and teachers to support parents in these responsibilities, so that the children can grow up as convinced New Apostolic Christians.


This objective is also supported by children's services, which are conducted in many District Churches. In these special services, the growing children feel the nearness of God and are instructed in faith in a child-appropriate manner.