13.3.3 Sex and family planning in marriage

Marriage also serves to perpetuate the human race: "Then God blessed them [the first human beings], and God said to them, 'Be fruitful and multiply'" (Genesis 1: 28).


Sex in marriage should be defined by mutual respect, sensitivity and understanding. If mutual consent and true love stand in the foreground, sex can be an important bond within a marriage and contribute to the wellbeing of both spouses.


Family planning is at the discretion of both partners. Nevertheless, the Church opposes contraceptive methods and means that prevent the continued development of an already fertilised human egg cell. Artificial insemination is generally accepted, however, all measures by which life may be destroyed by human selection are rejected.


Marriage is the lifelong union between a man and woman desired by God. God has created man and woman for one another. (13.3→13.3.1→)


The relationship between Christ and the church serves as an example for the marital relationship. (13.3.1→)


The New Apostolic Church is a proponent of protection for marriage and family. (13.3.2→)


The Church wedding blessing is of great significance. It can have a strengthening effect on love and loyalty, but only if both partners in the marriage make the corresponding efforts in their conduct. (13.3.2→)


Adultery is a breach of trust and a sin. In the case of a divorce, harmful statements and actions should be avoided. (13.3.2→)


Sex in marriage should be defined by love, esteem, and sensitivity. Family planning is at the discretion of the married couple. (13.3.3→)