13.3.4 Parental responsibilities

Because children are a gift of God, parents not only have a high degree of responsibility toward their children and society in general, but also toward God. Mother and father bear the main responsibility for the upbringing of their children. Only with love and wisdom can they meet the demands of such a responsibility.


Children need security and loving devotion. Together, parents raise their children in faith and teach them to take orientation from accepted ethical values. Doing so requires a significant commitment of time. Parents should be prepared to put aside their own needs and interests for the benefit of their children.


In fulfilling the important responsibility of raising their children, parents should be aware of the fact that their own behaviour and conduct–not least of all as regards their marriage–serves as an important example for their children.


Within their means, loving and caring parents support the educational and professional development of their children for the purpose of providing them with a solid foundation for the future.


New Apostolic parents bear the important responsibility of raising and consolidating their children in faith and in the fear of God. This includes acquainting them with God's word and will (Deuteronomy 6: 6-7), praying with them, attending the divine services with them, and facilitating their participation in the Church's teaching programmes. In this manner, the necessary foundations are created so that the children can later conduct their lives as convinced New Apostolic Christians, and prepare themselves for the return of Jesus Christ.