13.3.5 Responsibilities of the children

The fact that children also bear responsibilities toward their parents can be derived from the Fourth Commandment (see 5.3.5→): they are to show due respect and reverence for their parents. This is demonstrated in a conduct defined by thankfulness, love, trust, and obedience. Even after children no longer live in the parental household, the appropriate love and devotion should be accorded their parents.


If there are several children in a family, all should contribute to a harmonious family life by treating one another with brotherly love.


Because children are a gift of God, parents have a high degree of responsibility toward their children, society, and–above all–God. (13.3.4→)


It is the task of parents to raise their children in faith and the fear of God, and thereby create the foundation for the children to live as convinced Christians and prepare themselves for the return of Christ. (13.3.4→)


The obligations of the children toward their parents are derived from the Fourth Commandment. (13.3.5→)