Violations of the First Commandment

The veneration and worship of statues, idols, or amulets, as well as mountains, trees, and natural phenomena, are violations of the First Commandment. Further violations of the First Commandment include Satanism, fortune-telling, magic, spiritualism, and necromancy.


It is contrary to God's will to make a god, as it were, of power, honour, money, or one's own person, to which everything else must be subordinate. Likewise, it is a violation of the First Commandment to create a conception of God that is defined by one's own wishes or opinions.


The First Commandment calls on us to honour God out of love and accept Him as He has revealed Himself. Such worship of God is conducted in adoration, obedience, and the fear of God. In this manner the words are fulfilled: "Ascribe greatness to our God" (Deuteronomy 32: 3).


Devotional images, icons, statues, and the like do not have any sort of religious function in the New Apostolic Church. They are not worshipped. They are not ascribed any spiritual powers or healing effects.


The words: "I am the Lord, Your God" bring to expression that God is due unrestricted sovereignty. Through His word He makes laws that are to be obeyed. (→)


God is the only one whom worship is due. The worship of any other living creatures, natural phenomena, objects, or real or imagined spiritual beings is sin. (→→)


Human beings are not to make any images of God, but are rather to accept Him as He has revealed Himself in Jesus Christ. (→)


Veneration of God also occurs in worship, obedience, and the fear of God. (→)