The structure of the Sunday

As far as possible, the Sunday should be a day of rest and remembrance of the gospel. It is the soul's special day–here its needs stand in the foreground. Divine values such as peace and fellowship contribute to sanctification.


The commandment to keep the Sunday holy calls upon believers to assess the degree to which their activities are consistent with the purpose of this day, which is consecrated to the Lord. Their primary concern should be to deepen and preserve the effect of the divine service.


If the Sunday is utilised in this way, the faithful live in accordance with the exhortation in Psalm 118: 24: "This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."


The Sabbath serves to praise the Creator and recall Israel's deliverance from captivity. It is on this day that God's deeds upon mankind and His chosen people are commemorated. (


Christians celebrate the Sunday, the day of Jesus Christ's resurrection, as the Sabbath. (


Attendance in divine service demonstrates the believer's gratitude for Christ's deeds of salvation. (


The Sabbath as a day of rest foreshadows the promised rest we will have with God. (


The Third Commandment calls upon believers to structure the Sunday as a day dedicated to the Lord. (