6.1 Concerning the term "church"

The word "church" is derived from the Greek kyriake ("belonging to the Lord"). The New Testament uses the term ekklesia ("those who have been called out"). The word ekklesia can be translated as "assembly", "congregation", or "church".


In general speech, the term "church" has various meanings. On the one hand it can mean a Christian house of God as a place of assembly for the believers. On the other hand it can refer to a gathering of people of Christian faith, that is a local parish. Beyond that, the term can also describe a Christian denomination. The following remarks refer to the "church" as an object of faith.


Those human beings who belong to the church of Christ have been called forth by God for eternal fellowship with Him, namely with God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The focal point of church life is the divine service. In the midst of the church, Jesus Christ prepares His bridal congregation through Apostles for His imminent return and the "marriage in heaven".