7.6.5 The Apostles in the church of Jesus Christ

The objective of the Apostles' work is to edify the Lord's work of redemption and lead it to its completion. The fellowship of the Apostles with the believers is characterised by warm care and loving understanding.


The apostolate has been given for the entire church of Christ. Its task is to offer salvation in Jesus Christ to human beings (Acts 13: 47). Salvation is only possible through the Son of God (Acts 4: 12). Until the return of Christ, salvation is imparted through the Apostles in word and sacrament, that is to say through the preaching of the gospel, the proclamation of the forgiveness of sins, baptism with water and Holy Spirit, and through Holy Communion.


The New Apostolic Church is a church of ministry. (7.6→)


There are three ministerial levels, each with different spiritual powers: the Apostle ministry, priestly ministry, and diaconal ministry. (7.6→)


The apostolate is defined by the Chief Apostle ministry, the District Apostle ministry, and the Apostle ministry. Together with the Apostles, the Chief Apostle leads the Church. (7.6.1→)


Jesus Christ has issued the power to "bind and loose" to the Apostles. This formulation speaks to the fact that the Apostles, together with the Chief Apostle, comprise the spiritual and organisational leadership of the Church and decide on the ordinances of congregational life. It was in the circle of His Apostles that He instituted Holy Communion, which they were to celebrate in accordance with His example. He also issued authority to them to proclaim forgiveness of sins in His name. (7.6.2→)


The Apostles are active by the will of their Sender, Jesus Christ, and are completely dependent on Him. They see it as their duty to serve as examples to the church and lead them in following Christ. (7.6.3→)


The authority of the Apostle ministry derives from their calling by Jesus Christ. (7.6.4→)