7.8 The exercise of a ministry

In his conduct and spiritual competency, a minister must live up to certain requirements. The sanctification received through the ordination must be put into practice by the minister so that the gifts he has received can unfold to the blessing of the congregation (1 Timothy 3: 2-3, 8-9).


Those who have been called to a ministry serve out of love toward God and their neighbour. They align themselves with the example of Jesus, and know that they are instruments in the hand of God.


The trust between the members of the congregation and the ministers is a prerequisite for blessed development within the congregation. In order to build and preserve such a relationship of trust, it is indispensable for the ministers to be one with one another and their Apostle.


Ministers discharge their ministries within the framework of the authority issued to them. To this end they receive a commission from their Apostle, who assigns them a working area.


In principle, the commission to exercise a ministry ends upon retirement, however, the ministry remains. On the other hand, the ministry is lost in the event of resignation or dismissal from ministry.