8.2.13 The real presence of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in Holy Communion

In Holy Communion, it is not only the body and blood of Christ, but also His sacrifice itself, that are truly present. However, this sacrifice has only been brought once and is not repeated in Holy Communion. Neither is Holy Communion merely a reminder of the sacrifice. Rather, during the celebration of Holy Communion, Jesus Christ is in the midst of the congregation as the crucified, risen, and returning Lord. Thus His once-brought sacrifice is also present in that its effect grants the individual access to salvation. In this way, the celebration of Holy Communion causes the partakers to repeatedly envision the sacrificial death of the Lord, which enables them to proclaim it with conviction (1 Corinthians 11: 26).


The bread and wine are not changed in their substance through the consecration or the speaking of the words of institution. Rather the substance of the body and blood of Jesus is joined to them (consubstantiation). (8.2.12→)


In Holy Communion the bread and wine correspond to the human nature of Christ, while the body and blood correspond to His divine nature. (8.2.12→)


Bread and wine are not merely metaphors or symbols for the body and blood of Christ. Rather the body and blood of Christ are truly present (real presence). (8.2.12→)


The sacrifice of Jesus Christ is also present in Holy Communion. (8.2.13→)