8.2.8 Holy Communion as a meal of remembrance

Holy Communion is a meal of remembrance because it first of all commemorates the death of Jesus Christ as a unique event which is valid for all times. The remembrance of this event is important because it emphasises that Jesus Christ is true Man who had to suffer real death. It also recalls the situation at the institution of Holy Communion in the circle of the Apostles. This highlights the importance of the Apostles for the proper administration of Holy Communion. However, this remembrance extends even further, namely to the resurrection of the Lord (which is why Holy Communion is also an Easter meal) and to His ascension into heaven. Everyone who celebrates Holy Communion partakes in this commemoration and its proclamation until Christ returns.


This is not only a matter of remembrance directed toward the past, but rather also a reminder of the certainty of Christ's current presence and His future kingdom.