9.6.1 Intercession

Already at the time of the old covenant, there is evidence of the belief that it is possible to perform good deeds for the departed and thereby help alleviate their situation. The twelfth chapter of 2 Maccabees tells of Jews who had served idols and then died in battle. The living implored God to wipe out their sins, and collected money in order to buy animals and bring an offering of atonement. They did this because they were convinced that the dead would one day rise again.


Hope in the resurrection of the dead has always been a fundamental component of Christian teaching. Associated with it is also the conviction that intercessions for the dead are necessary, and that these intercessions will have an effect on them.


The same is true for the dispensation of sacraments for the dead. The biblical basis for this is found in 1 Corinthians 15: 29: in Corinth, the living were baptised on behalf of the dead. This practice inspired by the Holy Spirit has been readopted by the Apostles of today. From this developed the services for the departed that are customary today.


New Apostolic Christians intercede in prayer for the departed: they ask the Lord to help those who have gone into the beyond in an unredeemed state.