27 December 2022

The Chief Apostle held almost 60 divine services in 2022, always finding the right words to comfort and clarify. Here are all the messages from January to December.


All the new things God is doing, and why→

God creates new things. And this brings believers face to face with certain questions. What is more important? That which we have heard or even preached for years? Or that which now brings us closer to Christ? A divine service about seeing, understanding, and accepting was held in Bern-Ostermundigen in Switzerland in January 2022.


Eternity begins today→

“Whoever wants to live with Jesus for eternity has to live together with Him already today.” It is as simple as that. This is what we learned back in February during a divine service in Nairobi, Kenya. But what does “with” really mean? The answer is three-fold: in Christ, for Christ, and like Christ. And this not only affects life on earth.


Staying alive in difficult times!→

Evil is powerful, but God is even more powerful. Comforting thoughts during a divine service in March in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. What can we do? Fear God, accept His help, and then reach out and share it with others.


Thinking, feeling, and speaking clearly→

During a divine service in Hamburg in Germany back in April, the Chief Apostle invited everyone to get to the bottom of things: just you and God, openly and honestly without any go-betweens.


The merit of Jesus, our reward→

The Bible talks about reward, but none of us can do anything to earn this reward. So how does this fit together? It’s actually very simple: the merit is Jesus’ alone. And He shares out the reward to those who follow Him. Thoughts from a divine service the Chief Apostle held in Sydney in Australia back in May.


Building the new temple together→

“Everyone is needed. And each one can contribute.” This was Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider’s appeal on Pentecost 2022 in June in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He urged the faithful to set examples for the God’s presence on earth.


Calling all heirs: you can inherit everything!→

Childhood in God is not a status symbol, but a mission for us to become like little children and learn to suffer with Christ. How can we do this? The Chief Apostle explained this in a divine service in July in Bonaire, the Netherlands Antilles.


Preserving what’s old, accepting what’s new→

Nothing is as constant as change. In a divine service in Mexico in August the Chief Apostle put the focus on old things that must be preserved and new things that are good—impulses that are particularly important at this time.


God’s word in plain language→

Faith, doctrine, preaching: everything is based on the Bible. That is why it is so important both for the ministers and members to know their Bible well. However, it cannot be read just like any other book. Here are some pointers from a divine service the Chief Apostle held in September in Banjul, Gambia.


Believing what we cannot see→

Living by faith, not by sight. That was the subject of a divine service the Chief Apostle conducted in the Philippines in October. He used the example of the people of Israel to explain what exactly this means.


Jesus instead of Adam: from old to new→

The old Adam: an old acquaintance from past sermons. But is this more than just an empty phrase? Who remembers what exactly this is all about? A fresh boost from a divine service the Chief Apostle conducted in November in Winterthur, Switzerland.


Jesus the Saviour

We cannot do it without the Saviour. That was the conclusion of the December service in Wiesbaden, Germany. And that Saviour is Jesus. The Chief Apostle outlined the path to salvation during this service.


Author: Katrin Löwen


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