24 January 2023

Two striking slogans, “Christ, our future!” and “Together in Christ” are followed this year by a somewhat more ambitious motto: “Serving and reigning with Christ”. The motto is worth examining more closely, as are the corresponding logos.

The first part, serving with Christ, seems familiar to the churchgoer. It is the second part with the aspect of reigning that needs to be examined more closely.

Love dominates

When taking the motto to create a logo, many Regional Churches resorted to the image of a crown. However, this in no way means that Christians should exercise power over their fellow human beings. Because a closer look at some of the logos reveals that the crown consists of stylised people holding hands and forming a single unit.

And that makes it clear: the kingdom of God is to become visible in the fellowship of believers, the congregation. In it, the most diverse people are united and serve one another and show that there is unity in diversity. Christians rule with Christ by helping the love of Jesus to prevail.


Some of the logos depict a group of stylised people forming a unit, which becomes visible only at a second glance. In a similar way, the motto “Serving and reigning with Christ” also needs to be examined more closely. Here too, those who see it as a call to secular power are mistaken.

“We have also been called to rule today.” But this in no way means to infer that we are trying to somehow exercise power over our neighbour. Certainly not! “Rather, the point is to rule over our own thoughts and actions.” This was clearly explained by the Chief Apostle in his New Year’s message.

Why should followers of Jesus Christ exercise more power than their model, whose rule had nothing to do with compulsion or pressure?

The ruler of the heart

Reigning with Christ today is a reference to rule over our own life and keep it under control. “The best way to remain in control of our own destiny is to let Christ reign in our hearts,” the Chief Apostle said.

This means, for example, that our inner attitude and relationship to God is not dependent on our current circumstances. Nor are we at the mercy of sin, but can rule over it with the help of Christ and master it (Genesis 4: 7).


Whether it is to serve or reign, the 2023 motto invites us to get involved. In the coming months, the District Apostles will highlight different aspects of the motto in their articles in our Spotlight series.

Author: Simon Heiniger

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