1 March 2023 at 19:48:00 JST

Lent and Passiontide are periods in which we focus on the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. This, however, need not make us sad. In fact, we have reason to be grateful.

The suffering and death of Jesus Christ has proved to us just how much God loves us. And in the period leading up to Easter we look back gratefully on that which the Lord Jesus has done for us. I always feel such an inner joy because I know: Christ is stronger! In spite of the fact that the whole world was against Him, He won.

In the time we live in, this is also a source of confidence and comfort: He is stronger. In the end, Jesus always wins. That is so comforting. Sure, Passiontide is also a time of exhortation. We remember that the Lord Jesus had to fight the evil one and suffered greatly as a result. May this serve to admonish us to take evil serious and not to play it down. We need a helper to deliver us from evil.

From a divine service by the Chief Apostle


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