1 October 2023 at 00:00:00 JST

We live in complicated times: from all over we hear just how powerful evil is. This really worries us. So it is good to go to divine service because that is where we hear the Holy Spirit tell us how much more powerful God is.

In many places, the situation currently is really bad and ­dramatic; but let us not forget that there have ­always been such periods throughout the history of humankind. And believing people have always been able to find comfort and strength in the Bible through the activity of the Holy Spirit. What God did then, He can still do today through the activity of the Holy Spirit.
In these difficult times, let us not forget to worship God. Let us not forget that He is perfect in what He does and what He is. He has chosen us and is pursuing His plan. He can help us if we remain in the fear of God, in obedience, in humility, in trust in God, in reverence, and in love. Sometimes He intervenes Himself and sometimes He helps us through other people. In these cases, we have to accept it. Sometimes His help consists of a mission: share with your neighbour and I will give you more than you have given.

 From a divine service by the Chief Apostle


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