1 March 2024 at 00:00:00 JST

We worship and adore God because He is the Almighty. Nothing is impossible for Him. He can do anything.


There is no limitation to His omnipotence. But His omnipotence is active in love. He does not resort to violence. It is so good to know that the almighty God always acts with love. He uses His omnipotence only to redeem us from evil. This is His intention, His will, and His work.


The Almighty is working to redeem humankind. And when we come to Him with our petitions and intercessions, we do so in the awareness that we are speaking to the Almighty, to the God of love. The redemption He creates is the best solution for us and our neighbour, for whom we are praying now. The return of Jesus Christ, the making of the new creation, is the best solution for humankind. In fact, it is only solution. This is the trust with which we come to God.


That is why we can say with a light, even a joyful heart, “God, Your will be done!” because we know His will. He wants to deliver us and our fellow human beings from evil. Many people say “Your will be done” because they have resigned themselves to thinking that God does what He wants anyway. We, however, say “Your will be done” with joy and conviction because we know the will of God and because we agree with His will: the redemption of humankind from evil.


From a divine service by the Chief Apostle




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