26 March 2024 at 13:00:00 JST

To approach their faith with fervour, openness, and a commitment to continuous learning, community engagement, and readiness to respond to God's call with enthusiasm and faith – that is the overarching message from Apostle Lodewick. 



From March 15 to 18, 2024, Apostle Lodewick made a visit to Japan. During his stay, he celebrated Divine Service at the Tama Church, where he could seal a soul with the Holy Spirit. Following the Service, members engaged in a fellowship with the Apostle, delving into discussions about faith and spiritual matters, while also showcasing their musical talents.


Reflecting on Chief Apostle’s visit

The focal point of Apostle Lodewick's sermon was the biblical account of the encounter between the evangelist Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch, with particular emphasis on Acts 8:30-31. He commenced his message by reflecting on Chief Apostle Schneider's visit to Japan in August the previous year, when the Chief Apostle served with John 10:9, highlighting Christ as the gateway to salvation and encouraged congregants to remain receptive to God's word in anticipation of Christ’s return.


Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch

Transitioning to the narrative of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch, the Apostle underscored Philip's unwavering faith and obedience to God's call to preach the gospel. Philip's immediate response to the angel's instruction symbolized the urgency and dedication required by faith, serving as an inspiring example to the congregation. Despite hailing from a background entrenched in idol worship and witchcraft, the Ethiopian demonstrated a thirst for understanding Christianity, engaging in dialogue with Philip.


Learning and teaching one another

The Apostle emphasized the importance of mutual willingness to learn and teach within the Christian community, urging congregants to deepen their understanding of the faith through study and active participation in church activities. The Ethiopian's request for baptism signified his acceptance of Christ, facilitated by Philip's authority as a servant of God.



In conclusion, Apostle Lodewick's sermon encouraged listeners to approach their faith with fervour and openness, trusting in God's guidance and finding joy in their journey as children of God. He stressed the significance of continuous learning, community engagement, and readiness to respond to God's call with enthusiasm and faith.

Author: Toshiyasu Matsuoka, Wolfgang R. Ade, Takeo Takashima, Freddy C. Kankolongo

New Apostolic Church Japan