4 Man in need of redemption

215 Why are human beings in need of redemption? →


216 What does “redemption” mean? →


217 Where does evil come from? →


218 What is evil? →


219 How does evil reveal itself? →


220 Does evil also exist as a person? →


221 How did evil come to mankind? →


222 Will evil always exist? →


223 What is related in Holy Scripture concerning the fall into sin? →


224 What were the consequences for mankind of the fall into sin? →


225 What was God’s position toward fallen mankind? →


226 How was the further development of mankind after the fall into sin? →


227 Did the fall into sin have consequences for all human beings? →


228 Did the fall into sin also have consequences for the creation? →


229 What is sin? →


230 What is the distinction between sin and guilt? →


231 How can this separation from God be undone? →


232 Who defines what is sinful? →


233 How can we recognise what is sinful? →


234 With what gifts did God equip sinful mankind? →


235 How are we to engage the conscience, reason, and faith? →


236 What is the purpose of the conscience? →


237 What is the function of reason? →


238 Are there limitations to human reason? →


239 What is faith? →


240 How does a human being come to believe? →


241 What is the task of the believer? →


242 What can faith help achieve? →


243 What is meant by the term “salvation history”? →


244 What is meant by the term “plan of salvation”? →


245 How will salvation history transpire? →


246 What was the object of hope for salvation in the time of the Old Testament? →


247 What is the foundation for salvation? →


248 Who is able to attain salvation? →


249 In what phase of God’s plan of salvation do we live? →


250 How can salvation be attained today? →


251  What form of salvation will the bridal congregation experience at the return of Christ?→


252  When will God’s plan of salvation be fulfilled?→


253 What is the basis for our election by God? →


254 Why does God elect people? →


255 Are there examples of election in the Old Testament? →


256 Are there examples of election in the New Testament? →


257 Can anyone lay claim to election by God? →


258 What does election signify from the perspective of the gospel? →


259 What is the result of accepting this election? →


260 What is blessing? →


261 How is blessing attained, and how does it unfold? →


262 How is God’s blessing revealed in the creation? →


263 How was blessing experienced in the old covenant? →


264 What were the implications for the Israelites if they accepted or rejected the blessing of God? →


265  From whom does blessing emanate in the new covenant?→


266 How did Jesus bless? →


267 Where does the emphasis of the blessing of Jesus Christ lie? →


268 What constitutes this spiritual blessing? →


269 How can this blessing be attained and how should it be treated? →


270 What constitutes the fullness of blessing? →


271 Did God give His people a law in the old covenant? →


272 What is the purpose of the Mosaic Law? →


273 How was the Mosaic Law assessed in Old Testament times? →


274 How is the Mosaic Law assessed from the perspective of the gospel? →


275 What is the content of the gospel? →


276 What other names are there for the gospel? →


277 What is the relationship between the law and the gospel? →


278 What are the fundamental prerequisites for obtaining the grace offered in the gospel? →


279 What is the relationship between a person’s good works and his redemption? →