8 The sacraments

472 What are sacraments? →


473 What is the purpose of the sacraments? →


474 What comprises a sacrament? →


475 What is the “sign” in a sacrament? →


476 What is the “content” in a sacrament? →


477 Who is the “dispenser” in a sacrament? →


478 What is the significance of “faith” in a sacrament? →


479 Which sacraments were instituted by Jesus Christ? →


480 To whom did Jesus entrust the administration of the sacraments? →


481 What occurs in Holy Baptism with water? →


482 What is the meaning of “original sin”? →


483 What does the water of Holy Baptism signify? →


484 Are there any references to Holy Baptism with water in the Old Testament? →


485 Did Jesus also have to be baptised? →


486 What did Jesus say to His disciples concerning baptism? →


487 Who can receive Holy Baptism with water? →


488 How is Holy Baptism with water dispensed? →


489 Why can children be baptised? →


490 What are the effects of Holy Baptism with water? →


491 What is the relationship between Holy Baptism with water and Holy Sealing? →


492 Who is entitled to perform Holy Baptism with water? →


493 Are baptisms performed in other Christian denominations valid? →


494 From what does the term 'Lord's Supper' derive? →


495 What other designations are used in reference to Holy Communion? →


496 Is there a relationship between the Passover meal and Holy Communion? →


497 Is Holy Communion attested anywhere else in the New Testament? →


498 What do the elements of bread and wine signify? →


499 What does Holy Communion call to mind for the believer? →


500 What do those who partake in Holy Communion profess? →


501 In what way is Holy Communion a meal of fellowship? →


502 Is there a connection between Holy Communion and the future “marriage feast” in heaven? →


503 What happens when the wafers are consecrated? →


504 Is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ present in Holy Communion? →


505 Why is Holy Communion celebrated in every divine service? →


506 For how long do the body and blood of Christ remain present in the consecrated wafers? →


507 What is the relationship between forgiveness of sins and Holy Communion? →


508 To whom did Jesus Christ entrust the sacrament of Holy Communion? →


509 What are the words of the consecration for Holy Communion? →


510 How is Holy Communion celebrated in the divine service? →


511 What is the prerequisite for worthily partaking in Holy Communion? →


512 What are the effects of Holy Communion? →


513 Who is entitled to partake in Holy Communion? →


514 What is the significance of the communion celebrations of other churches? →


515 What is Holy Sealing? →


516 What does the term “sealing” / “sealed” mean in the letters of the New Testament? →


517 Was the Holy Spirit already active in the time of the Old Testament? →


518 Does the Old Testament contain any references to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament? →


519 Did Jesus promise the outpouring of the Holy Spirit? →


520 When was the promise of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit fulfilled? →


521 When did the anointing of Jesus with the Holy Spirit occur? →


522 What is the significance of Jesus’ baptism and subsequent anointing with the Holy Spirit? →


523 From what does it follow that Holy Baptism with water should precede the receiving of the gift of the Holy Spirit? →


524 What does the book of Acts relate concerning Holy Sealing? →


525 How is the sacrament of Holy Sealing dispensed? →


526 What are the prerequisites for receiving the sacrament of Holy Sealing? →


527 Who can receive the sacrament of Holy Sealing? →


528 What do we mean by the “rebirth out of water and the Spirit”? →


529 What is the relationship between Holy Sealing and the rebirth out of water and the Spirit? →


530 What are the effects of Holy Sealing? →