12 Divine service, acts of blessing, and pastoral care

613 What is a divine service? →


614 What was divine service like in the Old Testament? →


615 What elements did the divine service incorporate in the early Christian congregations? →


616 How did Christian divine service develop further? →


617 Is God present in the divine service? →


618 What are the basic elements of the divine service? →


619 What is meant by the “Apostles’ doctrine”? →


620 What do we mean when we talk about “breaking of bread”? →


621 What does “communion” signify in the divine service? →


622 What is the role of “prayer” in the divine service? →


623 What do we mean by the “proclamation of the word” (sermon)? →


624 What is the sermon capable of doing? →


625 Who is called to proclaim the word of God in the divine services? →


626 What is the main content and objective of the sermon? →


627 Does this rule out any mistakes in the proclamation and hearing of the sermon? →


628 What is the duty of the listeners in the sermon? →


629 How are listeners prepared for the forgiveness of sins and the celebration of Holy Communion? →


630 What is the only prayer that is spoken in accordance with a fixed wording in the divine service? →


631 What is the wording of the Lord’s Prayer in divine service? →


632 What does the address “Our Father” mean? (Japanese 633) →


633 What do the words “in heaven” signify? (Japanese 632) →


634 What does it mean to say: “Hallowed be Your name”? →


635 What do the words “Your kingdom come” mean? →


636 What does it mean when we say: “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”? →


637 What does it mean when we pray: “Give us this day our daily bread”? →

638 What does it mean to pray: “And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors”? →


639 What do we mean when we pray: “And do not lead us into temptation”? →


640 What is meant by the words “Deliver us from the evil one”? →


641 What do we mean when we say: “For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever”? →


642 What does the word “Amen” mean? →


643 When do the believers receive the forgiveness of sins in the divine service? →


644 With what words is the forgiveness of sins proclaimed? →


645 Is the forgiveness of sins a sacrament? →


646 How is it that sins can be forgiven? →


647 Who forgives sins? →


648 Is it necessary to proclaim the forgiveness of sins? →


649 What must a person do in order to have his sins forgiven? →


650 What else is part of this recognition of having sinned? →


651 What is meant by repentance and remorse? →


652 What are the effects of the forgiveness of sins? →


653 Are there sins that cannot be forgiven? →


654 Who commits the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? →


655 Who dispenses the sacraments in the divine service? →


656 How often are the sacraments dispensed? →


657 Is Holy Communion celebrated in every divine service? →


658 Do children also receive the sacraments? →


659 Are the sacraments also dispensed to the departed? →


660 What are “acts of blessing”? →


661 What happens in an act of blessing? →


662 Which acts of blessing take place within the divine service? →

663 What is confirmation? →


664 What is necessary in order to be confirmed? l→


665 How is the act of confirmation performed? →


666 What is the effect of the confirmation blessing? →


667 What is the text of the confirmation vow? →


668 What do we mean when we talk about the act of “adoption”? →


669 What transpires in the adoption? →


670 What is the engagement blessing? →


671 What is a wedding blessing? →


672 For which wedding anniversaries is a blessing dispensed? →


673 What happens at the dedication of a church building? →


674 What happens when a church building is deconsecrated? →


675 When are sacraments dispensed and acts of blessing performed? →


676 When are ordinations, appointments, reinstatements, and retirements performed in the divine service? →


677 How is the ordination performed? →


678 What is the function of music in the divine service? →


679 How is the divine service concluded? →


680 What is the text of the closing benediction? →


681 What is it that causes the believers to attend the divine services regularly? →


682 What are the consequences of not attending the divine services? →


683 Are there acts of blessing that do not occur in the context of a divine service? →


684 What is the prenatal blessing? →


685 What is a church funeral? →


686 What happens at a church funeral? →


687 Does the funeral have any impact on the resurrection of the dead? →

688 What is pastoral care? →


689 How do the ministers of the Church fulfil their pastoral care duties? →


690  What is the function of the pastoral care visit?→


691 Do we have confession in pastoral care? →


692  Is the task of providing pastoral care only reserved for the ministers?→


693 How is pastoral care provided for children? →


694 What is the objective of church instruction? →


695 What is the objective of Pre-Sunday School? →


696 What is the function of Sunday School? →


697 What is the content and objective of divine services for children? →


698 What is the function of Religious Instruction in church? →


699 What is the function of Confirmation Instruction? →


700 How is pastoral care provided for young people? →


701 What is the function of pastoral care for youth? →


702 How is pastoral care provided to the terminally ill and dying? →


703 How is pastoral care provided to the relatives of a dying person? →


704 What does support for the bereaved entail? →


705 What is the purpose of support for the bereaved? →


706 What holy days are celebrated in the New Apostolic Church? →


707 What is the significance of Christmas? →


708 What is the significance of Palm Sunday? →


709 What is the significance of Good Friday? →


710 What is the significance of Easter? →


711 What is the significance of Ascension Day? →


712 What is the significance of Pentecost? →


713 What is the significance of Thanksgiving Day? →


714 What is the format of divine services on church holy days? →