13 New Apostolic Christians and their life of faith

715 What do we mean when we talk about prayer? →


716 Is praying necessary? →


717 What references are there to prayer in the Old Testament? →


718 What instructions did Jesus give concerning prayer? →


719 What does the Bible relate about the prayer life of Jesus? →


720 What is the “intercessory prayer”? →


721 What do we know about the prayers of the early Christians? →


722 How are we to pray? →


723 What is the content of a prayer? →


724 What is the source of adoration and worship? →


725 For what things do we express our thanks when we pray? →


726 What petitions do we bring before God? →


727 Why do we intercede for others? →


728 What are the effects of prayer? →


729 What do we mean when we talk about the “willingness to offer and sacrifice”? →


730 What do people generally mean when they talk about “offerings and sacrifices”? →


731 How do we understand our sacrifices? →


732 What was the significance of sacrifice in the old covenant? →


733 What is the significance of sacrifice in the new covenant? →


734 Who is the greatest example of willingness to sacrifice? →


735 What is the basis for our willingness to sacrifice? →


736 How is willingness to sacrifice demonstrated in congregational life? →


737 What is a spiritual sacrifice? →


738 What is the relationship between sacrifice and blessing? →


739 What is marriage? →


740 What can we derive from the account of creation concerning marriage? →


741 What is the significance of the wedding blessing? →


742 What significance does the Christian faith have for the success of the marriage? →


743 What is the significance of sex in marriage? →


744 What is the New Apostolic Church’s position on family planning? →


745 What is the New Apostolic Church’s position on fulfilling one’s obligations in one’s profession and society? →


746 How does the New Apostolic Church perceive its responsibility to society? →


747 Do New Apostolic Christians participate in public life? →


748 What is the position of the New Apostolic Church toward the state? →


749 How is the relationship of the New Apostolic Church with other churches, denominations, and religions? →


750 What is the social commitment of the New Apostolic Church? →