A community of helpers

In His parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus Christ made it very clear: helping those in need is a commandment of the gospel and thus a fundamental requirement of Christian ethics. This is a call addressed to every believer and to the Church as a whole.

Providing aid irrespective of person 

The New Apostolic Church also espouses the ideal of active charity. The aid it offers must benefit all people irrespective of gender, age, skin colour, nationality, or religion.


This work is supported by the voluntary commitment of many helpers from the congregations, but also by the material help that is provided. Beyond that the Church also engages on a charitable level as an institution that operates its own aid organisations.

Co-ordinating assistance

Following are the current aid organisations of the Local Churches:

These organisations plan, promote, and support non-profit and charitable projects and institutions, as well as campaigns all over the world. Often they also work together with other aid organisations: local experts who are very familiar with the situation on the ground and the needs, as well as with international associations with an extensive infrastructure.