The proclamation of the word today

In the New Apostolic divine service, great significance is attached to the proclamation of God's word. The Apostles and ministers appointed by them are called upon to proclaim God's word in the congregations. For this purpose they have been blessed and equipped through their ordination.


In the first place, God's word consists of that which has been handed down to us in Holy Scripture. Every sermon must be oriented by this, and so the basis of every single sermon is a prescribed passage from the Bible complete with notes on its interpretation, which is made available by the Chief Apostle for the ministers in order to help them prepare for the divine service.


The interpretation of the Bible text in free discourse constitutes the core of the sermon, which is inspired by the Holy Spirit. The congregation experiences this through the words of the minister conducting the service and through supplementary contributions by assisting ministers. The proclamation of God's word by a number of ministers, each with a different personality and corresponding gifts, aids in illuminating several aspects of the sermon from various perspectives, and serves to deepen understanding for God's will.