Prerequisites for obtaining forgiveness of sins

In order to obtain forgiveness of sins and be snatched from spiritual death, the first prerequisite is the sinner's belief in Jesus Christ as the Redeemer (John 8: 24). In addition to the belief that forgiveness of sins is pronounced upon human beings through the Apostles of Jesus Christ (John 20: 23), the following are also required:

  • intensive self-examination in order to become aware of one's own transgressions,

  • the recognition that one has sinned and is in need of grace,

  • the heartfelt longing to be reconciled with God,

  • confession of one's sins before God in the Lord's Prayer, with the plea: "Forgive us our debts",

  • repentance and remorse with the earnest resolution to overcome one's mistakes and weaknesses,

  • the will to reconcile with one's debtors,

  • grasping the absolution in faith.