Engagement blessing

Engagement represents a serious promise of marriage. If desired, the engagement blessing can be dispensed during a divine service. The engaged couple publicly declares before the congregation their intent to prepare themselves for marriage in a manner pleasing to God. Upon this they receive the blessing of God.


Special blessings are dispensed in the Church on distinctive occasions in the lives of the believers–for example, confirmations, engagements, weddings, and wedding anniversaries. (12.2→)


The prenatal blessing is dispensed as the first visible act of God upon a human being. The blessing serves to the benefit of both the mother and her child. (12.2.1→)


At confirmation, young Christians pledge their faithfulness to God and publicly profess the New Apostolic faith. The confirmation vow is given before God and the congregation. The confirmation blessing is then to accompany and strengthen the confirmands in keeping their vow. (12.2.2→→)


Couples who wish to be married make a vow before God and the congregation to support one another in mutual faithfulness and pursue their path of life together in love. To this end they receive the wedding blessing. Upon request, the matrimonial bond is blessed anew at specific wedding anniversaries. (12.2.3→→→)