The situation of young people

Young people find themselves in a transition from childhood–during which the course of their lives is significantly determined by their parents–to a self-determined adulthood. Most adolescents experience this as a difficult phase of life. They search for their own goals and standards in life, while critically scrutinising the existing values and norms of their environment. Thus young believers, particularly in the industrialised world, also find themselves caught between the standards of the gospel and the various religious and ethical views of what is, in many parts of the world, an increasingly secularised society. Young people are witnessing the marginalisation of the Christian faith and how churches are losing their significance. Increasingly, churches are becoming anonymous institutions and are no longer accepted as a moral authority. Beyond that, young people often find themselves under the pressure of a secular environment. They must also make choices out of a flood of information and a broad spectrum of potential leisure activities.