4.4.3 The preparation of the bridal congregation

Through fellowship with Jesus Christ in word and sacrament, believers today experience salvation by being prepared for the return of Christ, which will enable them to share in the glory of God. The Apostle ministry (see 7.4→) has been reoccupied in order to attain salvation in Christ in the current stage of the divine plan of salvation (see 11.3.3→). The Apostles have the task of proclaiming the word of God and dispensing the sacraments (see 8→).


The objective of imparting salvation in this form is to gather the bride of Christ and prepare her for the Lord's return. For the bride of Christ, who has believingly accepted the divine offer of grace, salvation consists of entering into eternal fellowship with God–already on the day of the Lord–through the marriage of the Lamb (see also 10.5→).


In the stages of the plan of salvation which follow after the day of the Lord (see 10.3→10.4; 10.5→; 10.6→), salvation can be obtained by other means:


Those believers who lost their lives for the sake of their profession to Christ will share in the first resurrection and will reign as priests with Christ. During this time, the thousand-year kingdom of peace, salvation will be offered to all mankind. All those who find grace at the Last Judgement will enter into eternal fellowship with God in the new creation.


God's plan of salvation, as can be derived from Holy Scripture, will find its conclusion in the new creation (Revelation 21).


In the present phase of the divine plan of salvation, the Apostle ministry has been reoccupied. It imparts salvation through word and sacrament. The objective is to gather the bridal congregation and prepare for the return of the Lord. (4.4.3→)


The bridal congregation will only attain perfect salvation at the return of Christ, when it enters into eternal fellowship with God. (4.4.3→)


God's plan of salvation will come to its completion in the new creation. (4.4.3→)