False and true witness in the spiritual sense

The triune God is the epitome of truth (John 17: 17; 14: 6; 16: 13), whereas the Devil is the father of lies (John 8: 44). The true witness of the Holy Spirit stands in opposition to his false witness.


Christians are called upon to give true witness by believing in the gospel, proclaiming it, and conducting themselves in accordance with it.


At first the Eighth Commandment only applied to bearing false witness in a court of law. Both false accusation and untrue testimony qualified as false witness. (→)


All false witness is a lie. In the expanded sense, the Eighth Commandment can also be seen as a prohibition against any dishonest conduct. (→)


Christians are to give truthful testimony by believing in the gospel, proclaiming it to others, and living a lifestyle in accordance with it. (→)