7.6.7 The District Apostle ministry

Beyond the tasks incumbent on each Apostle, the District Apostle ministry is responsible for providing uniform pastoral care, caring for the congregations, and spiritually equipping the ministers within a defined working area (District Apostle district). Moreover he defines the points of emphasis in church work, decides on the ordination of ministers, and seeks to preserve the oneness in the circle of the Apostles. As a rule, he celebrates Holy Communion for the departed within his working area. One task that goes beyond the actual work within the District Apostle district is participation in conferences of the District Apostle Meeting, which advises and supports the Chief Apostle in leading the Church. In addition, the District Apostle is the general representative for his District Church.


It is the task of the Chief Apostle to discharge the office of Peter. The Chief Apostle is the highest spiritual authority. He is accorded a leading position in the circle of the Apostles. (7.6.6)


The Chief Apostle exercises the authority of the keys. (7.6.6)


The District Apostle has the responsibility of working within his working area to provide uniform pastoral care, to provide for the congregations, and to assure that the ministers are spiritually equipped. (7.6.7)