8.2.11 Holy Communion as an eschatological meal

Holy Communion has an eschatological–end-time–character because it is closely linked to the marriage supper in heaven. In Jesus Christ the kingdom of God has drawn near. In accordance with His statement: "I will not drink of the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes" (Luke 22: 18), the congregation joined in Holy Communion awaits the fulfilment of the promise announced to them in this Communion fellowship. Until the future and ultimate unification of the bride with the bridegroom (see 10.2→), the congregation experiences its most intimate fellowship with the Lord through Holy Communion.


Holy Communion is a meal of remembrance: it commemorates the death of Jesus Christ as a unique event that is valid for all time. This commemoration extends beyond the resurrection and ascension of the Lord and also incorporates the current presence of Christ as well as His future kingdom. (8.2.8→)


Holy Communion is a profession of the death, resurrection, and return of Jesus Christ. This profession is required of all who wish to partake of it. (8.2.9→)


Those who regularly partake in Holy Communion in the New Apostolic Church should be aware that they are thereby also professing belief in the Apostles of Jesus active today. (8.2.9→)


In Holy Communion Jesus Christ joins in fellowship, first with His Apostles, and then with the believers. The congregation gathered for divine service also has fellowship among one another in Holy Communion. (8.2.10→)


Holy Communion also has an eschatological character: it is closely associated with the marriage feast in heaven. Until the ultimate reunion of the bride and bridegroom, the congregation experiences its most intimate fellowship with Him in Holy Communion. (8.2.11→)