8.2.21 Eligibility for partaking in Holy Communion

All those who have been baptised, adopted, or sealed in the New Apostolic Church are entitled to regularly partake in Holy Communion. These individuals profess the content of the New Apostolic Creed (see 2.4→).


An essential prerequisite for receiving Holy Communion is Holy Baptism with water. Only those who have been baptised should partake in Holy Communion.


Although usually only New Apostolic Christians receive Holy Communion, Christians from other denominations who have been baptised in the proper manner (see 8.1.4→) can partake of Holy Communion as guests. It should be made clear to them that Holy Communion is a meal of profession of the Son of God who died, resurrected from the dead, and will come again.


Secession or excommunication from the New Apostolic Church also voids admission to Holy Communion. Upon readmission to the New Apostolic Church, the believer is once again granted access to Holy Communion.